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Hpv impfung pro und contra,


    hpv impfung pro und contra

    Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies nur informative Daten sind. What kind of side effects may occur when receiving the diphtheria vaccination? Temporary local redness at the place the vaccination has been given, swelling, slight pain, possibly fever may occur during days.

    hpv impfung pro und contra

    How long is the protection period? Re-vaccination is needed in every 10 years Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

    hpv impfung pro und contra

    Because of the special vaccinations, we give detailed counselling by our professional doctors. Please reserve an appointment or call us! Place an appointment Tetanus Tetanus is caused by a wound getting infected by clostridium tetani bacterium.

    • Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies nur informative Daten sind.
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    The spores of the bacterium remain in soil, dust for years, they resist against heat, drought, chemical material and sunlight. Difteria, tetanus, poliomyelitis Children receive obligatory vaccinations against diphtheria Di-Per-Te several times since infancy which are due at certain ages. More Pneumococcal disease The vaccination serves for preventing the pneumonia caused by the pneumococcal bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniaespread by droplet infection.

    More than 80 types of bacteria are known and spread worldwide. More Cholera Cholera vaccines are vaccines that are effective at preventing cholera.